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Friday, October 03, 2003

Another Trina Chow? 

This is very funny.....

About 5 years ago, I received the following email:

Is this the Trina Chow who was my childhood best friend from Coffman Drive?
If so, What's Up? If not, please disregard this message.

Thought that was interesting, as I always thought Trina was a fairly unusual name. And really, what are the chances of another Chinese girl, with the last name of "Chow" having the same, fairly unusual first name? Surely, there couldn't be any other Trina Chows in the World! Little did I know...

I replied to the writer, and said I was not the Trina Chow she was looking for. She told me that she and Trina grew up in Montebello, CA (10 miles east of downtown LA). A few months/years later, I received another email (which I can't find at the moment) from someone else looking for "Trina Chow" from Montebello, CA. I was able to quickly figure out that both messages were asking for the same Trina Chow.

So now I know that there are 2 of us in California! (2 that I know of at least - who knows: perhaps there are thousands of "us" out there!)

This Trina Chow sure sounds like a popular girl! Coincidentally, I think we may even be around the same age.

It was around this time that I registered my domain name, trinachow.com. I started to become paranoid that the "other" Trina Chow was going to get to it before me!

I hadn't heard anything else about the other Trina Chow for a while.... until today!

I had received an email earlier this week from a potential client. As always, I asked how she came across my work/name. (always interested in knowing this info) Here's what she replied:

I found you at Kristi Yamaguchi's site. Your name is exactly the same as my
cousin's and I was surprised that she was doing web sites, so I looked into
your site and found that you're not my cousin. My cousin's down in the LA
area. But in trying to find out if you were her, I discovered I like you work.

Isn't that funny? it's like I'm becoming one degree closer to the "other" Trina Chow.

I have a phone meeting with this potential new client on Monday morning. I'm looking forward to learning more about the "other" Trina Chow!

Random (and funny) Tidbits about my name

I will occasionally do a search for my name (Trina Chow, in case you forgot already) on google.com I like to make sure that my website, portfolio, and other sites that I have worked on come up, and are registed. Seems like a good business tactic.

I've never found anything else on another Trina Chow.

The funny part is that there are several web sites out that about women/girls named Trina, and their Chow dogs. That is, the dogs are of the Chow Breed. I've always thought that if I had a dog, I would have to get a "Chow". The lucky little guy could be the "Puppy Chow", who grew up to be "Dog Chow", or even be known as the "Chow Chow". (this is why I don't have a dog)

BTW, my Mom's nickname for me is "Puppy". Yep, that's right. I *am* "Puppy Chow".

I was teased relentlessly when I was in first grade because of my name. Think about this: Those Purina Cat Chow commercials had just come out. "Trina" happens to rhyme with "Purina". You do the math..... I remember coming home in tears from too much teasing, asking my Mom if I could change my last name.

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