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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Medical Insurance Woes... 

Okay, not thrilled with my medical insurance (Kaiser Permanente) at the moment. I ordered a prescription refill for my Depakote (for my Myoclonus). Got it in the mail yesterday, and found out that they charged me $117.45!!!! My insurance used to only charge me $10-$25 for prescriptions, but it (apparantly) changed this year. Lesson learned: I should have ordered my refill prescription before 2003 ended. So now, I have a $250/year deductable limit.

Yikes. that's pricey!

Oh well, what can I do? I need my meds.... Plus, I swore years ago (when I was diagnosed with Myoclonus) that I wouldn't ever complain about my health care costs. They ran so many tests, and procedures that would have cost so much had I not been covered.

I've generally been happy with my coverage, and especially with my doctors - especially my Neurologist. It's been tough, though. My insurance costs have tripled over the past 7 years, and (obviously) the cost of prescriptions and copayments have risen.

At least I have insurance.....

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