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Monday, April 26, 2004


Yay! Dick bought me RAM for my birthday! (that, and a trip to Hawaii, mind you) :)

RAM-arama. RAM-tastic. RAM-tacular!

I'm so excited. How many girls out there (with the exception of Willo, perhaps) would be excited to get RAM for their Birthday? Mac Chics unite!

We got a 512MB module. We tried to get two, but they only had one in stock. (we got it from the new Apple store in Union Square). My Powerbook has two RAM slots, and can hold up to 1GB of RAM. It came with 512MB, but unfortunately, it was divided into two modules of 256MB each. Kind of kooky, if you ask me, but I'm sure that was Apple's way of getting you to buy more RAM. So, in order for me to get the full capacity, I'll have to buy 2 new 512MB modules, and replace both 256MB modules. Anyhow, we installed my new 512MB, in addition to one of the original 256MB - giving us a grand total of 768MB of RAM! I figured I'll be just fine with this amount for a good long time. Perhaps, I'll upgrade to 1 GB in the future when it's feeling sluggish again. I'll assume the Apple store will have another 512MB module in stock by then ;)

You may remember that I bought an extra 512MB module by Viking when I first got my new Powerbook last summer. I think the RAM was bad, though. BAD RAM! Bad, bad RAM! :) My computer started having some glitches within a few months, and when I took out the RAM, it seemed to clear up. Apparently, my Powerbook didn't play well with non-Apple RAM. I'm hoping it takes to the new Apple RAM better. At least this time the new RAM comes with a 1 year warranty.

Banana-RAM-a :)

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