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Thursday, July 01, 2004

My Baby Takes the Morning Train.... 

(anyone else remember that Sheena Easton song?)

Check the time: 7:25am.

I'm already back from taking Dick to the Cal Train Station.

Over the last month or so, Cal Train's "Baby Bullet" train has become available to commute between San Francisco and The South Bay. It's pretty cool, because it chops off about 20 minutes of riding time. Unfortunately, the last Baby Bullet Train that Dick can catch down to Mt. View is at 7:16am at the 22nd St. Station. It'll get him to the Mountain View station at 7:56, then he can immediately catch the MSFT shuttle to campus. (not bad - faster than driving!) There are other trains running at later times, but they are not Baby Bullet Express Trains.

The 22nd Street Station is about 3 miles from our house. If we leave the house at 7:00am, we can get Dick to the station on time. Why am I taking him, and picking him up from the station? Dick used to drive, or ride his motorcycle. The station is in a questionable area, and he had problems with people stealing his helmet from his motorcycle. (3 times in 2 weeks!) We figured it would be safer to just have me drive him there, and not worry about the cars.

It also gets me out and about in the morning, which isn't a bad thing.

Plus, I'm just a good girlfriend ;)

Okay, let's hear it One-More-Time! (it's like a theme-song that plays in my head when I drive Dick to the station)

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