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Monday, August 09, 2004

Weighing in on scales 

Scales are one of life's unnecessary evils.

it's true. they are.

I've made it a rule not to step on scales to check my weight. I mean really, what possible good can come of it?

This all goes back to my color guard days. One of the guards I was in used to weigh us weekly.
I know: years of therapy.

I tend to weigh a lot more than people would guess. I'd like to chalk it up to dense bones, and muscle weight. I haven't actually put these theories to test, but that's what I think, and I'm sticking to it.

I like to judge my weight by how I feel, and I how look.

I think I look decent. I still fit into size 4/5 clothing.
I feel good. I exercise regularly.

We bought a home scale a few weeks ago to help us monitor's Marcel's weight (our big cat is on a diet). We weighed him last night. The last time I was weighed was about 4 weeks ago at a doctor's appointment. I figured I already knew what I weighed from that appointment, so I wasn't too worried about stepping on this new scale.


according to this scale, I weigh 6 lbs more than I did 4 weeks ago! 6 pounds! that's a lot for someone who's under 5'3".

I realize that the scale is probably inaccurate, and that I should go off of the scale at the hospital.

but, it just goes to show that I was right to stay away from scales in the first place.

evil, evil, evil.

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