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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Stop. Jammie-Time! 

One of the perks of staying-home-sick, is that you get to lounge around all day in your pajamas with no guilt.

I am a BIG fan of lounging around in a comfy pair of pajamas! I suppose one could argue that I *could* do this everyday, since I work from home. However, I assure you that I really do make every effort to take a shower and put on street clothes. :)

Anyhow, back to the jammies....

I love pajamas. I have several pair.
I have to admit that I stopped wearing most of them about 5 years ago when I discovered the best.brand.of.pj's.ever.

Several years ago, I was the web designer for Camp Sark - a company that was based upon the writer/artist known as SARK. They had a fund raiser in form of a Pajama Party - it was held at the Hotel Monaco in San Francisco. I volunteered at the event. Many stores and orgainzations donated goodies for all of the guests. One of the items donated was a pair of Karen Neuberger pajamas for each person.

After wearing my new pjs at the event, they quickly became my favorite pair of pajamas! I soon noticed that they became the only pair of pajamas that I wanted to wear. I don't know what it is: something about the blend of the materials - it's just SO comfortable!

Over the years, I've met several other people - women & men who agreed: ever since they put on their first pair of Karen Neuberger pajamas, it's the only pair of pjs that they'll wear! I have since recommended KN pajamas to friends and family - everyone always loves them. I now have two pairs for the winter, and another set for summer.

So, the point is: if you're a pajama fan, go out and find yourself a comfy pair of Karen Neuberger Pajamas! You can find them in department stores like Macys or Nordstrom, and also at discount stores like Marshall's or Ross.

In fact, Valentine's Day is coming up! :) Go buy your sweetie a pair of comfy jammies!

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