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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gay Boyfriend 

As you may know, my "Bro", Christopher, has been staying with us for almost a month now. He was only going to stay a week or so at first, then move in with one of our mutual friends, David, However, we've all been having such a good time, and it's working out so well, that we've decided to extend his stay here for a while longer.

I have to say, we all benefit from having Christopher here with us. He and I have been great friends for 12 years, so I love having him around. We generally hang out in the office together in the morning/early afternoons. I'll be doing my web design work, and he'll be on Dick's PC, applying for jobs, etc., Sometimes, we run errands in the afternoons. BONUS: Christopher got his undergrad degree at a hospitality school in Sydney. Apparently, he has always enjoyed cooking, but he also took a cooking course in school! All of that translates into Christopher cooking many, many delicious meals for Dick and I! YUM! Dick and Christopher have always gotten along very well - I've always said that the two of them would have been close friends even without me in the picture. In Christopher, Dick has found a new Xbox buddy. We've taught him Halo, GR2, and most recently DOA. Many, many nights of good entertainment! We've also managed to get him hooked on the new Battlestar Galactica Series.

Last week, I was IM'ing Dick while he was at work. I was going out for the evening, and Christopher was planning dinner for he and Dick. I told Dick what the plan was, and he said, "My very own Gay Boyfriend!".

This is hysterical, of course, and now we call Christopher "Our Gay Boyfriend".

We saw a lot of friends at two different events this past weekend. We kept singing the praises our gay boyfriend, and tried to convince everyone that they should have one, too!

What does a gay boyfriend do?

(Now, granted, I think I have an exceptional "model" :) )
My gay boyfriend cooks, cleans, and goes shopping with me. Actually, on his first week here with us, my gay boyfriend helped me finalize my wedding cake order, and helped me pick out wedding shoes. He keeps us company, helps around the house, makes us laugh, comes out to parties with us, and he calls me "Doll". :)


Christopher and I have joked about writing a sitcom pilot about our current living situation.... The straight couple who lives in San Francisco's Castro District, who has a gay friend who comes to live with them. We'll throw in tidbits like "His 'n Her Condos", the Gay Boyfriend idea, and crazy cat stories. We even have ideas for the crazy neighbors! We figured that the pilot episode can follow the actual first day that Christopher came in from Sydney: you know - the day I picked him up from the airport, we were supposed to have dinner with Dick and my parents, but ended up having to go to the ER because he had a 3rd nostril growing.

NBC, here we come! Watch out "Will & Grace" it's the premiere of "Gay Boyfriend"!

One last thing, if you've never seen the Gay Boyfriend Video, you really must. It's hysterical. Maybe we can buy the rights to it, and use it as our sitcom's theme song!

PS: The people who made the Gay Boyfriend Video used some of Pete's Company's Software to make it!


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