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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Take a shower = UPS delivery 

How does that happen?

I was expecting a UPS delivery on Monday (my aeron chair ) and I waited around all day until they delivered it. (about 4:30pm) They usually come around 12:30, so I was waiting longer than I expected.

I knew another package was being delivered today. Again, I waited all morning, then I thought, "Well, the UPS guy on Monday was new - maybe they have a new schedule". I have some errands I need to run this afternoon, and thought it would be best to take a shower, and get going with my day.

I finally hopped into the shower around 12:30, and wouldn't you know it: the buzz of the front door bell.

How do they do that?

So. yeah, I was the crazy looking woman opening the front door wearing a robe with wet hair.


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