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Saturday, December 10, 2005

O (artificial) Christmas Tree, O (artificial) Christmas Tree 

Christmas is coming early this year.

In fact, it's coming to our house tomorrow.

My parents are taking a 3-week Cruise (!) this month, and will be leaving before Christmas Day. This will be the first time in all my 35 years that I will not be with my parents on Christmas Day. Although I'm very excited for them (they are going to South America and Antartica!), I have to admit, that it's going to be weird not to have them here for Christmas.

Because of this, we (my immediate family - Mom, Dad, Sis, Graham (Sis' Boyfriend), Dick, me, and our Gay Boyfriend) will be getting together to celebrate tomorrow evening. We'll have a big dinner over here, listen to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and open gifts with each other.

Let me tell you, having Christmas 2 weeks early is a little stressful! It's no wonder I was a stress-monster all week.

The (artificial) tree is up and decorated, the gifts are all bought, wrapped, tagged, and sitting pretty underneath the (artificial) tree, the Holiday Cards are out, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, etc.,

We're all set!

I have to admit that for some unknown reason, I'm just not in the Christmas spirit yet. It's usually one of my favorite times of the year, but it seemed to have crept up on us unexpectedly this year, and I'm a little bit caught off-guard. Maybe it's because we were so busy with the wedding planning, and aftermath, maybe it's because we had to get everything ready early, maybe it's because I haven't been to Union Square since it's been decorated, maybe it's because we don't have a real honest-to-goodness Christmas Tree, maybe it's because the cats pee-ed underneath the (artificial) Christmas Tree...


oh well. I'm sure the Christmas Spirit will come flying in, full-force tomorrow! I'm sure we'll have a splendid time.

...and if all goes well, the cats won't pee under the (artificial) Christmas Tree again.

Christmas 2005 Revelation #1
Maybe I'm in a Christmas funk because we have an artificial Christmas Tree!

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