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Friday, March 24, 2006

Under House Arrest 

Dick ordered our new Xbox 360s off the web last week, and they are supposed to be delivered via FedEx today.

I've been informed that I am not, under any circumstance, to leave the house today until they arrive!

Dick is even driving himself to the train station today... just in case.

I feel like Martha Stewart.

Mike and Reeves placed their orders on the same day, so their boxes should be coming today, too (but I can only be at one house at any given time, so they're on their own). Assuming they all come in, it should be a weekend chalk-full of Xbox 360 goodness.

It will be well worth the wait! Make sure you get G.R.A.W...

It's cute how the guys get so serious when it comes to the games! :-)
Don't they understand what they're putting us through?!?!?!?
- Reeves
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