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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Ohio T-Shirt 

You know the one (see post from yesterday).

"friends don't let friends live in Ohio"

Well, I know why I think it's so funny.

I lived there for a year.
I also have been going there for almost every year since 1986.
I've had several friends who have moved there (for color guard) who never got out.

We call it "The Black Hole of the Mid-West".

Again, nothing against the lovely people who really do live there. (I actually find native Daytonians to be some of the nicest people I've ever met) With that said, though, I'd really rather not live in Ohio ever again, and would not recommend it to my friends and family.

But I digress...

Apparently, this shirt is a HUGE big-seller!

I went back to the store today to buy another shirt (for my sister). They only had 3 left - all X-Large.

I inquired whether or not they'd get another shipment in soon, and indeed, they just put in another order.

The guy told me that they've sold more than 110 of these shirts so far! It's their best selling t-shirt!

Now again, I know why I like it, but why is everyone else buying them?

Is it that it's just a funny phrase?
Is it because Ohio was the final swing state in the last election? (I suspect this is the big draw)

Anyhow, it cracks me up that this t-shirt has become so popular.
They should be getting in another order next week.

Where did you buy the Ohio t-shirt -- I'm looking for one for my husband.
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