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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Paradise.... is exactly like... where you are right now... 

only, much, much better....

Anyone else out there a Laurie Anderson fan?
(bonus points if you can name song, the WGI guard who used it, and the year they made finals!)

Hey - where've I been?

I'm in Hawaii! Oahu to be exact.

We arrived last Thursday in the early afternoon, and return on the red-eye flight tomorrow (leaving Wednesday night, arriving early Thursday).

We're staying at the lovely Ihilani in Ko Olina. Our room here at the resort is fantastic! We have the most amazing view of the ocean/sunset from our very large lanai and sliding glass door.

We've been out and about most days, which is unusual for us. Usually, we turn into resort slugs and hang out by the pool/beach all day. Neither of us were as enamoured with the pool here, and truthfully, we only hung out by the pool for one afternoon. (so, no tan for me, but the good news is that Dick isn't burnt either)

What have we been doing? We've been driving our rental car (an SUV, which slightly amuses both of us) around the island. We've been to the USS Arizona Memorial, as well as the very cool submarine also by Pearl Harbor. We made the trek out to Aloha Stadium over the weekend, so I could buy more cute little Hawaiian dresses from the Swap Meet. We also spent the entire day yesterday driving around the entire island. We've squeezed in a couple of movies (Pirates of the Carribean, and we'll see Superman tomorrow) and we've dined at Roy's twice! Yes, still my most favorite meal EVER - Blackened Ahi Sashimi, Butterfish (which is even better in Hawaii) and the Chocolate Souffle.

Believe it or not, tonight (our last full night here) is the very first time that we've gone online at all! I seriously think that may be a record for me! No email, no blogging... what has become of me?!

This trip has been especially relaxing. We really haven't done a whole heck of a lot, but hey, we're relaxed and happy!

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