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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Back in the days of the dot-com boom heyday, Dick was a huge fan of WebVan. He would rave about the fact that he could order all
his groceries online, and schedule a delivery time that accommodated his schedule.

Sadly, we all remember the demise of webvan.com.

Lucky for Dick, I moved into his house shortly afterwards.

That's when we established: WebTrina.

"You don't need WebVan! You have WebTrina!"

Because I work from home, I have the luxury of setting my own schedule. I often run errands during the day, before Dick comes home. He hardly missed WebVan at all, because now he had the luxury of having WebTrina.

And so it has been for many years now. WebTrina has a longstanding reputation of quality service and products. Dick hasn't had a disappointing experience with WebTrina yet. (Except, perhaps, the time that he insisted that I return the bacon, because he deemed it "too lean".)

Dick has told his friends about WebTrina. They are all envious, and wish that they, too, could sign up for WebTrina. Actually, some of his friends have been able to take advantage of a limited amount of WebTrina Services:

Need something from Costco? Call WebTrina!

Have a question about the best prices in town? WebTrina, at your service!

Need transportation or hotel arrangements? WebTrina is here for you!

Need a new Xbox Game delivered to your Door? WebTrina will find it for you!

Best of all, we finally registered our own domain name: WebTrina.com.

WebTrina:At Your Service


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