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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mean People Suck 

and bad karma will come along and bite them in the ass...

Poor little MINI Driver has had a really bad day!

I drove down to Milpitas to spend the afternoon with my Grandparents this morning. I stopped off at Costco for some gas along the way. When I got out of my car, that's when I saw it:

someone had keyed my poor little car!

There's a line going from the front wheel well all the way across the door to the gas tank.


To make matters worse, as I was driving around the South Bay with my Grandparents this afternoon, my car's tire pressure sensor light came on.


When I first checked the tires, they seemed to be okay, but at least I was forewarned to watch over them carefully.

About an hour later, I brought it to a gas station to check the pressure, and by that time, the rear passenger tire was noticeably low. I figured I must have a leak, and thought it best to have it patched and repaired before driving back to SF.

So then I had to make my way to the local Firestone in Milpitas. Luckily, they were able to take me in right away, and the wait time was estimated at only an hour or so.

My poor car.

When I get it back, I'm going to give it a nice bath and try to wash away all the badness of the day.

Since I didn't notice the car scratch while I was at home, I didn't think to check Dick's car, or the neighbor's cars. I hope that nothing happened to them.


Well, it just got a little worse: Dick's car, and my neighbor's car (the green MINI that parks right in front of Dick's car) were also keyed last night. That blows.

Perspective: As Dick would say, "This is why we have insurance". Considering I've lived in San Francisco for 12 years, and I've never had a garage, it's kind of a wonder that's this has never happened before.

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