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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Productive Day 

Ah, I just love productive days.

Dick and I spent the afternoon/early evening working on a work project of mine that's been looming over me for several weeks now.

I've had a work project that I needed Dick's javascript expertise on.

I have a client, who is a toy manufacturer. They make two toys: ZOOB, and QUIZMO. I adopted this site from them earlier this year, and have been making regular updates, but we've always known that we had a larger project in mind.

For the QUIZMO section, they wanted a demo page that demonstrated how the toy works. Dick and I completed this section a couple of months ago, then I needed to wait for some more information from my client before I could implement it throughout the rest of the site. It's really cool, and I was happy that we were able to do it, and was anxious to get it up and running.

The client sent the rest of the information during the week before Labor Day weekend. It was my intent that Dick and I could complete the rest of the work during the weekend, for an early September launch. Unfortunately, that's when I came down with appendicitis!

My client was more than understanding that I needed some time to rest, and has been quite wonderful. After I got back to work, I had a lot of other work that had also piled up, and I still needed Dick's help on this particular project.

Needless to say, we worked on it today, and it was with great elation that we finished that particular phase of the site. It's something that I've been wanting to get done for several weeks now.

I'm really, really happy with how this all turned out. I'm also eternally grateful that I married a Javascript-God.

Here's the demo page that we created.

You can also see an example of how we integrated the same script throughout the site.

In other productive news, I also finished all the laundry today. Since the laundry room is in the part of the house blocked off by the contractors, it's something that I need to get done on weekends, when they're not here. Gotta love multi-tasking!


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