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Monday, February 25, 2008

An evening at the Craddock-Chow house 

Editors Note: I know that I already posted 2 blog posts today, but this just happened, and there was just no way that I wasn't going to blog about this!

Apparently, it's been declared that the month of March will be Moustache March at Dick's place of work. Dick just sent this email out to a few of his fellow co-workers:

Me: Oh, by the way, next month is Moustache March
My Long-Suffering Wife, Trina: huh??
Me: Moustache March. A bunch of guys in the office grow moustaches.
Trina: Great! You already have a moustache.
Me: Actually, I have a goatee. Here’s what I look like in a moustache (shows Apple employee badge from 1986)
Trina: Do I get a say in this?

Dick, circa 1986

The funny thing is that the conversation that Dick wrote was pretty much verbatim of my reaction.

Oh, my. It's going to be an interesting month.
I'll keep you all posted.
(I just made him promise that he wouldn't grow out his bangs)

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