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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dick's first Poker Tournament 

Dick, playing at the final table. At this point, there are only 5 players left. He is the one with his back to us. Graham is standing near his watching

Dick played his first Poker Tournament ever today. It was a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament (aren't they all?) and there were about 60 people who played in the tournament.

The tournament started at 2:00pm. Dick and Graham both played, while my sister and I went out to lunch. We figured it was a good sign when neither of the guys called us within the first hour.

Graham called us after about 1 hour, 45 minutes. We thought that was pretty good for his first time!

Then the three of us (me, Sis and Graham) wandered around the casino and the adjoining mall for a while. We still hadn't heard from Dick.

We went back to the Casino Poker room after around 3 hours into the tournament. Dick was still there! At this point, he had made it to the final table, and there were about 7 players left. (The last 6 players would receive winnings of various amounts.)

Graham went into the poker room and watched the last few rounds, while my sister and I watched from afar. I was totally afraid of jinxing Dick with my presence!

One by one, we watched the players stand up, shake hands with the others, and leave the table, yet Dick was still there!

Dick ended up in third place!!! We were all very excited for him, and couldn't believe he did so well on his first tournament.

Today was a good day in Vegas. :)
(but, we're not addicted.)

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