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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sticky Twisty Bob 

Sticky Twisty Bob Goes Golfing

Tonight we had dinner at P.F. Chang's with Sal, LuAnn, and their two sons, Andre and William.

When we sat down, the kids got little packages of Wikki Stix to play with while they waited for their dinners.

Andre sat across the table from me. We had tons of fun. He spent a good part of the evening creating "Sticky Twisty Bob", and we spent the rest of the time posing Sticky Twisty Bob and taking pictures of him.

At one point, Andre gave Sticky Twisty Bob a golf club, and we decided to take multiple pictures of him in slightly different poses so that we could make a stop-motion-animation of him. (That's my job when I get home.)

When we left the restaurant, Andre gave Sticky Twisty Bob to me so he could live with me in San Francisco. I promised him that Sticky Twisty Bob will live in my office with me, and that I'd take lots of pictures of him in different poses to send back to Andre.

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