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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We have HOT Water!!! 

...as opposed to "being in hot water"...

Yay!!! The plumbers came today and put in new copper pipes!! It's been a week since the old galvanized pipes busted above our kitchen, but we finally have hot water again!

Actually, we never lost the hot water in the downstairs condo, since we have two hot water heaters, but it'll be really nice to have hot water in the upstairs condo again so we can take a shower in the newly remodeled bathroom. I can also do laundry again!

BTW: these guys rocked. The plumber brought his entire team (3 guys) at 3:00, and they had the job finished by 5:00.

I'm laughing at myself right now.

I cleaned up the house a bit after the plumbers left, then thought I should take a shower (in the upstairs bathroom where we now have hot water). I went into the shower, and turned on the hot water (which usually comes out quickly because we have a recirculator). The water became warm after a few seconds, and eventually hot enough to use for a shower. But then it occurred to me: I really needed to give the hot water heater enough time to thoroughly heat up the water - especially if I wanted to take a nice, long shower!

Luckily, the thought occurred to me before got my hair wet, so it was easy enough to dry off.

Not one of my brightest moments...


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