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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Great Backyard Landscape Project of 2008! 

Today is an exciting day here at His 'n Her Condos!

After being in the planning stages for nearly a year, we've officially begun work on our backyard landscaping project!

The crew came in today and removed the remaining deck and railroad ties, then proceeded to dig the trenches for the retaining walls and leveled out the ground in the back section. (we're going to have about 3 main tiers.)

I was going to scan in what we thought would be the final plans and post them on my blog, but alas: we made more (and significant!) changes to the layout this afternoon! Our architects are hoping to have the final, final plans to us by Thursday. I'll have to wait until then to post them!

Oh, almost forgot to mention:
we now have a lovely Port-o-Potty temporarily living in front of our house.

Nothing says, "We're doing a big house project" like a port-o-potty on the sidewalk. ;)

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