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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fun with Anagrams! 

A couple of weeks ago, Dick were having a slice of pizza at our local "Escape from New York" on Castro street. They recently put the frame back on the wall of celebrities who have left autographed photos for them. One of the photos was of our friend, San Francisco-based author, Armistead Maupin. The headline under his photo read "Armistead Maupin is a Man I made dreamt up".

I explained to Dick that "Is a Man I Made Dreamt Up" is an anagram for Armistead's name. People have been speculating for years that this is his pen name, not the actual name he was born with. After all, one of the main characters in his "Tales of the City" series is named Anna Madrigal, whose name is an anagram for "A Man and a Girl". (her character was born male, but had a sex change as an adult.)

Well, seeing as Dick's Father was Armistead's Junior High School English Teacher, it's safe to assume that it really is the name given to him by his parents, and that it just happens to make one of the best anagrams ever.

After remembering how cool of an anagram Armistead's name makes, it made us wonder if our names would convert to any interesting anagrams.

My cousin, Bruce, just led me to this site that makes anagrams out of names:


First I tried my full name: Trina Kristin Chow, which came up with:


...not thrilled with that one, so I tried just my first and last name and got:


that's a little more fun!

Not nearly as cool as Armistead's but it'll do. :)

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Michael Gaines= Agile Machines
LOL! That may be the best one yet!!!
michael timbang = ABLE, MANIC MIGHT. not as cool as Agile Machines!
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