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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Case of "The Mystery Gift" 

A couple of weeks ago, right after Dick and I returned home from our vacation, Dick received a package in the mail (or was it UPS?). In it was a copy of the book "One Fantastic Ride".

Apparently, this book was just published. We had first seen it while we were in one of the Sports stores on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill while we were there in October. Dick picked it up, read through it a bit, and looked through the photos. He considered buying it there and then, but remembered that we were on vacation, and that it would add to the weight of our luggage.

I reminded him that the holidays were coming up, and that this would make a great suggestion. When we saw his family that night, we mentioned the book, and one of his sisters told us not to buy it.

We were home for only a day or so before he received it in the mail.

It came only in the cardboard box - no invoice with the sender's name, and no gift card. We figured one of his family members were really on top of things, so Dick emailed his Dad and his two sisters, thanking them, and asking which one of them sent it.

No one responded.

So, we figured, that maybe they forgot to respond?

I was exchanging emails with one of my sister-in-laws, Kathy, today, and remembered to ask if she had sent the book. She said she couldn't take credit. She asked Meg (Dick's other sister) and found out that she hadn't sent it either. Kathy suggested that perhaps her daughter, Adrianne had sent it to Dick, and to ask her.

I emailed Adrianne and asked her if she wanted to claim the title of "gift giver" but she said it wasn't her, either. She suggested that perhaps the publisher had just heard how much Dick loves UNC. :)

That made me laugh, because when I mentioned the book to my parents a couple of weeks ago, they suggested that maybe the school sent it to Dick because they know how much he loves their basketball team. :)

So, it's still a mystery. Dick has had enough time now to read the entire book, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Does anyone want to take credit as the mystery gift sender?

Thank you to whoever it was!

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