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Sunday, November 22, 2009

It was Eleven Years Ago, Today... 

Dick and I never celebrated any anniversary dates until after we got married, but I always remembered that the first time we met was the Sunday before Thanksgiving, 1998.

We met through our mutual friend, Alice, who passed our phone numbers to each of us, and we went on what I like to say was the first and only blind date I ever went on.

We met at the Tully's on Castro Street (at 4:00pm), but after Dick found out that I don't actually drink coffee, we made our way across the street to The Patio Restaurant where we hung out for a couple of hours. I remember we talked about Macs vs. PCs, Star Wars vs. Star Trek... you know, things every couple talks about on their first date. :)

I never really paid attention to the exact date that we met - only that it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I just looked at my calendar to see what date it actually was, and what do you know? It was Sunday, November 22nd! :)

So, today in every way, is the 11th Anniversary of the day that I met the man who would later become my husband. &heart;

It's too bad the Tully's is no longer there. It's now a cigar/smoke store. The Patio has been closed for years, but has been under construction lately, and is threatening to open again soon. :)

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