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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tea Party! 

This afternoon, my Raggedy Ann and I were invited to a Tea Party, hosted by my neighbor's 3-1/2 year old Granddaughter! I brought my favorite Raggedy Ann ("Raggie") with me. She hasn't been to a tea party in decades, and was very excited! :)

posing with our Raggedy Anns

We all had a lovely afternoon. My neighbor's Granddaughter (who I'll refer to here as "A") was a wonderful hostess. She brought out her Raggedy Ann doll to meet mine, and the four of us, and "A's" Grandmother all sat down at her little table, all set up with a tiny tea set.

Tea Party!

"A" and her Raggedy Ann

Our "tea" was apple juice that "A" served to us from her tea pot. We also had heart-shaped sugar cookies that she made with her Grandmother yesterday, in preparation for the party.


"A" really fell in love my my Raggie. After our tea party, "A" took Raggie into her bedroom, and tucked her in under a blanket on her bed. Then, she sat down next to her and read some of her favorite books to Raggie.

"A" reading to Raggie

After story time was done, and dear Raggie had rested, "A" brought her back out to play for a while with some of her toys.

My Raggie was in rag doll heaven. She hadn't been played with like this by a little girl in a very long time. :)

We had such a nice afternoon at the tea party. Hopefully, "A" and her Grandma will invite us back soon. :)

Raggie and her new friend


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