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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 40th Birthday! 

Yep, today was my 40th Birthday (Gasp!), and what a GREAT day it was!

I woke up to find dozens of birthday greetings on my Facebook wall. Facebook Birthdays are the best - it's so nice to hear from so many friends, and really makes you feel special. I took a snapshot of ALL of the greetings on my wall throughout the day (thinking I might save them on my blog as a keepsake), but it turned out to be 14 screenshots long, which seemed like way too many to share here. :) I'll just keep a copy of them on my computer - it's like dozens of birthday cards, but I will post one here:

Facebook Birthdays are the Best!

I also had the fun birthday banner on my Windows Live screen. That made me happy, too. :)

It's a Windows Live Birthday Party!

Now, as nice as it was to sit in front of my computer all day, I had a great day away from it as well!

Dick took the day off from work, which was such a special treat.

We started the day by going to Bakery Tartine for breakfast. Can't beat a hot Morning Bun to kick off a day!


After breakfast, we headed to the Metreon to catch a matinee showing of..... Avatar. It appears that Dick and I may have been the last people on Earth (or, at least in San Francisco) to see this movie. We figured we'd better see it while it's still showing in a theater - plus, we were able to see it in 3D!

Actually, before the movie, we had some time to kill, so we played a few games of The Lord of the Rings Pinball! Birthday Pinball is the best!

Birthday Pinball!!

...and here we are dorking out with our 3D glasses in the theater.

3D Geeks

In the evening, my parents and my dear friend, Diana, came over and we all had dinner at the House of Prime Rib. It was a fantastic evening. Great food, great company. A perfect way to celebrate my milestone birthday. :)

Dad, Mom, Dick, Trina & Diana at HoPR

and one last shot of me with my hubby and the birthday dessert. :)

It was a very nice day. Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes - I appreciate all of them, and you all made my day memorable.


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