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Sunday, April 18, 2010

High School Reunion Brunch 

Tim and Ami hosted a lovely brunch today for a bunch of us who went to high school/junior high/elementary school together. We all got together for the first time (since high school) last August.

Tim, Kimi, Amy, Byron and I all took many, many classes together in high school. Unfortunately, Lee came down with a cold this weekend, and wasn't able to join us. :(

There's something so special about gathering with a bunch of friends that you grew up with, and seeing them with their own children.

Here's a picture of the whole group (minus a couple of the kids who must have been running around, and Kimi's husband, Manuel, who took the photo).

I love this picture, too. This is Byron (a 3rd grade teacher in Oakland) sitting down with his son, and Tim & Ami's two boys reading them from a book about dinosaurs. It was so charming! Actually, Ami didn't know that Byron was a teacher, until she saw him in action and it became immediately apparent.

Byron reading to the boys

Thank you, Tim and Ami for a wonderful afternoon!!


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