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Saturday, July 24, 2004

"Lets Scoot" 

surprise! We just came back from picking up Dick's new VESPA!!

Dick has been wanting to get a scooter to ride around town, and to take to the train station. (perhaps he grew tired of hearing me sing the Sheena Easton song?)

We went to the San Francisco Vespa Dealership last Sunday to test drive, and fell in love with it. Dick decided to get the ET4. It has plenty of power to carry the two of us around town, and even up the hills. It's so much fun, and a lot easier to manuever than his motorcycle - which is good for easy city riding. Dick still plans to keep his motorcycle for bigger drives.

The first thing that I noticed is that the Vespa is a heck of a lot more comfortable as a passenger. The seat is very comfy, and the sitting position is straight up, rather than leaning forward. We also got the little trunk storage case, which doubles as a back rest for me! :)

So, here are the Vespa's first pictures. She's sitting on the front sidewalk right next to my MINI, and Dick's SLK. She has a whopping 4 miles on her at the moment.

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