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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Litter Robot - first week review 

For those of you with kitties, here's my review of the Litter Robot after using it for one week.

So far, so good! it works as advertised, and does a good job. (Yay!) It's more sanitary than the LitterMaid that we used to use. The Littermaid's rake would often get stuck and full of wet litter (yuck). The LR's unit stays pretty clean, although I still have to sweep off the step and floor a bit for loose litter.

I bought a cheap roll of garbage bags to use with the Litter Robot yesterday. It got 120 bags for $2.99. Can't beat that. I really like that it doesn't require any special recepticles to buy. The clean-up (ie: opening the drawer, and tossing the bag) is very easy!

Both cats took to it pretty easily. We actually went cold turkey, and took away their old litterbox as soon as we installed the Litter Robot. I put a small plastic box underneath the Litter Robot's step to create an additional step for Marcel - he's a big kitty, and I thought it would make entering/exiting easier for him.

The only problem we've had so far is that the depth of the Litter Robot is smaller than our old Litter Box. (See the web site for dimensions.) I think our kitties are used to having a little more space. Noe has occassionally tossed out litter after using the box (natural cat instinct). I don't think she intends to toss the litter outisde. This has only happened a few times, and usually not bad, but twice I found large piles of litter on the floor outside the box. (this also confused Marcel, who must have thought that we were now using the floor as a new litter pan) This hasn't happened for the last few days, so I'm hoping that she has adjusted to the size.

The Litter Robot is just as loud as the LitterMaid, which was a little disappointing, but not a big deal. The cats don't mind it at all - they must be used to having an automated litterbox.

So overall, we're really pleased with our Litter Robot so far. I'd recommend it. I'm much happier with it than we were with the LitterMaid. Plus, with two cats in the house, it really beats having to clean it out manually all of the time!

I'll keep you posted if we have any other problems with it.

November 22, 2004

I've just posted a second review of the Litter Robot after having had it for almost 4 months.

Thanks for the great review, I too am considering the litter-robot. I'm reasonably satisfied with the litter maid but hate to change it.
Thanks for the review! I am also considering a Litter-Robot. So now that a tiny more time has passed, are you still lovin' it?

Thanks again, Jill
Thank you for the review! I want a Litter Robot to replace my defective Purrforma box but was leery of spending that much money on it.
Just got it and feel pretty good about the small fortune invested. Makes noise, yes, but you can stop the cycle anytime - and even unplug it at night - which we do, for we live in a loft space and hear everything. And! My boyfriend says you can buy a timer for a few bucks at any hardware store as well. Anyway. My cat was very curious about it instantly and I too went cold turkey, disposing of the old litter box. Very smooth transition. Kept it unplugged for the first day as well to make she she wasn't too overloaded by all the change. The only thing i'd say aside from what i've already said is - make sure you empty the drawer every few days, for if you fail to do this, poop attaches itself to the ball as it spins around - very sad lesson. And involves a lot of cursing. Overall - buy it. And now. Great product. The best so far.
We have had this litter box for over a year and it's awesome. Our two kitties get amused watching it go around and have this game they play where they get in to make it stop mid-spin over and over again til they get bored. It is a little shallow in the depth and one cat gets in and turns around to do his thing with his head sticking out. The other gets out after pooping to turn around outside, then sticks her head back in to cover it.

The amount you will save in special litter pan bags and litter makes this thing totally worth its high price tag. It looks a little like Kenny.
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