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Monday, November 22, 2004

Litter Robot - my second review 

(for those of you who are interested....)

We've had our Litter Robot for almost 4 months now. I wrote my first week review of it way back in August. I've received a few emails since then from people asking for an additional review.

So far, I'm still loving it! On the whole, I'm much happier with this than I ever was with the LitterMaid. It really does work as advertised. My favorite part is that it's very easy to keep clean, and especially easy to dump the waste from the garbage bag/litter tray. I usually clean out the litter try every 2-3 days, which isn't bad, considering we have two kitties!

I finally got around to actually cleaning the globe today. I know, I was a little remiss in doing this. It probably should be done every 2 months or so. I know that some people clean it once a month. I had dumped out all of the used litter before, and filled it entirely with fresh litter. That was easy.

To clean the globe, I simply lifted it off from the base (very easy), brought it outside to our backyard, and powerwashed it with our hose. Then, I took it inside, put it in the bathtub, and scrubbed it down with dishwashing liquid. That seems to have done the trick. It was super easy to clean, and pretty fast to dry.

We still have an occasional "accident" with our kitties - sometimes they go in without turning around, and they simply aren't in far enough. It's still pretty easy to clean up, and doesn't happen very often, so I'm not complaining.

So, final verdict: 4 months into ownership, and I'm still happy with it.
Here's a good forum with lots of good information about the Litter Robot.

i just read your review and wanted to let you know that i saw a review by another litter robot owner who said her cat doesn't turn around in it and they have a lip you can attach so that the cat doesn't pee outside of it. you can contact the company for it and they will send it to you and i guess that has solved her problems with it getting on the step. just thought i'd share!
After 9 months, I finally packed our Litter Robot up and put it in our storage room. Finally, back to the natural litter box with a lid - scoop and add litter and all is great again!!!! The Litter Robot began to smell even though I cleaned it regularly (the globe with soapy water etc. (had to be very careful not to get any clay litter residue in the drain pipes -not good news for condo owners) And I washed out the litter container frequently. In between deep cleanings, I swabbed the inside and outside and the two black disposal ports with rubbing alcohol and even sprayed with Lysol. STILL BEGAN TO SMELL TERRIBLE One problem is, some cats enter the Robot and then do not turn around to fact the entrance before urinating. Therefore, at times, their urine misses hitting the litter and ends up on the step the cat uses to get into the orb. UGLY.

I tryed and tryed and remained hopeful that this Litter Robot would make my life with cats easier. It did not. I would not recommend the Litter Robot to anyone. Without it, my first day, everthing smells fresh for the first time since I installed the Litter Robot.

Marge Filipoff
Marina Del Rey, CA
You can remove my comment on the Litter Robot. Its been posted long enough. Thank you.

Marge Filipoff
Marina Del Rey, CA

P.S. to Shayna..Thank you for sharing.
Is there any chance that the problem was that Brian (or was it Marge?) used actual CLAY litter which was mentioned in their comment? I noticed the directions for the Litter Robot on the Internet said NO clay litter is to be used - only the clumping kind. I'm considering the Litter Robot and wouldn't want to avoid it just because the wrong litter was used.
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