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Friday, June 10, 2005

another lost amazon.com package 

Looks like I have another lost package sent by amazon.com.

Didn't this just happen about a month ago with another package?

This is getting very frustrating.

(by the way, they did send a replacement package for the last one that was lost)

This one is not a big deal - it's an ink cartridge refill for the new printer I ordered - but still, I'd like to have it.
The printer was also supposed to be delivered today, but I wasn't home to recieve it. At least I know that it was sent to the correct address!

The other package, with the extra ink cartridge, was sent to another address in our neighborhood. Like last time, the tracking number showed it was delivered to a different address, and that the sender wasn't amazon.com. So, what happened to my package?

At least I knew what to do this time. I scoured the amazon.com site to find the email link, and sent them an email again. Hopefully, it'll all get sorted out soon.



I have your package - my name is Bill Jackson and I live at 3749 22nd St., between Noe and Sanchez. Amazon has your address on it, but UPS put my address on it and delivered it to me.

The Wonders of Google. I entered your name and "San Francisco" and up pops your post, complaining of losing a package!

I'm out with my young daughters around the neighborhood today, but you can call me on my cell at 377-3504 to coordinate pickup.

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