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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Merry Christmas! 

(read yesterday's post, and you'll understand why I'm 2 weeks early)

We had a really wonderful day.

Dick, Christopher and I spent the early afternoon preparing for dinner. We made Butternut Squash Soup, Prime Rib, mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. It was all really yummy! It was my first time preparing a "family holiday meal" at our home, so it was really special.

The Christmas Spirit has kicked into high gear, and I'm feeling much better now!

We ate, hung around, opened gifts, ate some dessert, then Dick and Graham played Christmas Carols on piano (Dick) and bass (Graham). That was very cool. I told my sister several months ago that never in my wildest dreams as a kid did I ever think, "Someday, maybe my sister and I will both date musicians, and we'll listen to them play music together...."

This was such a nice kick-off to the Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays to All!

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