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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Lone Cousin 

Once upon a time, there were 5 cousins.

These five cousins were very close, and always enjoyed spending time with each other.

The five cousins especially enjoyed family holidays, where they were always sure that they would be able to hang out with the other 4 cousins. There were games of pool to be played, tournaments of Mah-Jong, and general teasing sessions to be had. They would laugh, and talk, and catch up in the latest happenings of each of their lives. It was a good tradition.

This tradition was upheld for many years.
Even if one or two cousins couldn’t make it (gasp!), there were always at least 3 cousins left to hang out with.

And then it came to be that Cousin #2 got married to the lovely and wonderful Mrs. Cousin #2, and they started their own Thanksgiving Celebration at their own home. They graciously and generously hosted Thanksgiving day for their many friends and church family. The remaining four cousins always understood, but secretly still missed seeing Cousin #2 and Mrs. Cousin #2.

And at times, Cousin #1 was away, trotting around the country with her very cool, albeit far-from-home job. Again, the remaining cousins missed Cool Cousin #1, but always understood.

On rare occasion, Cousin #4 and Cousin #5 would miss a family gathering due to school activities, studying, etc., Again, they were missed, but there were always other cousins to keep the remaining cousins company.

And, it should be acknowledged that Cousin #3 has missed one or two family holidays because she met and married Geeky Guy, and occasionally travels to the fair state of North Carolina to spend time with his family.

But the truth remains: it could always be assumed that 2 or 3 cousins would always be around.

...until this year...

Cousin #1 will be away at aforementioned cool job, and will be spending Thanksgiving in the lovely city of Detroit.

Cousin #2 and Mrs. Cousin #2 will be hosting aforementioned Thanksgiving Dinner at their lovely home.

Cousin #4 and Cousin #5 will be away, having the time of their lives together in exotic Costa Rica.

...leaving Cousin #3 (and her husband, Geeky Guy) to fend for themselves, cousin-less at Thanksgiving this year. (not that the rest of the company won’t be utterly fantastic, but still..... where’s the cousin love?)

You know what this means: more dark meat for me.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to my fabulous cousins.


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