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Friday, April 20, 2007

On the Road Again... 

Can you believe I just got home from the Mid-West on Wednesday evening, and I'm already taking off again tomorrow morning?

Where are we going to this time?

Vegas, Baby. VEGAS!

Ah, yes. Las Vegas.
Sin City.
The City of Lights.
The Entertainment Capitol of the World.

..and why are we going to Vegas?

Why, to celebrate my Paternal Grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary!

Yes, you read it right: 60 years! Pretty amazing, huh?

Chuck and May Chow
April, 1947

In honor of their 60th Wedding Anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa wanted the whole clan to go to Vegas together.

Just how many people are in our family?

count 'em: 20.

That's 4-Generations of Chow.

20 people

How many Chows can fit in Vegas?


That's a whole lotta Chow.

It should be a really great time. We've never ALL traveled together as a family before. The ages in our family ranges from 3 (my cousin's youngest daughter) all the way up to 85! (Grandpa)

I'm sure we'll have many-a-tale to tell.

My cousin Bruce has already begun the battle of the blogs!
Bring it on, cuz. Bring it on.

We're lucky to have Uncle Christopher here to stay with the kitties while we're away. Thanks, Bro!

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