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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chow Family Portrait Day 

It's been about 27 years since the last time that the Chow Family (My Dad's parents, his siblings, their spouses, and my cousins) got together for a professional portrait. Since then, cousin Cheri was born (in 1984!) we've all grown up, some of us have gotten married, and Bruce and his wife had their three daughters. We've had a few weddings along the way,but it's not quite the same as a family portrait.

We met at my Aunt's house in Cupertino this morning, and used her backyard as the setting. I think it all worked out very well. Unfortunately, my cousin Bruce is away on business in the Philippines, and wasn't able to make it. We may try to photoshop him in. ;)

Our photographer and friend, Rob, was kind enough to let me take some snapshots with my little point-and-click camera while he worked with his impressive professional equipment. (Thanks, Rob!)

My Dad, his siblings, and their parents

My Grandparents, their Grandkids and Great-Grandchildren.

My immediate family

While my photos are really just snapshots taken from the side, it gives us an idea of what Rob's photos will be like. We took a full-group shot, but obviously, we were all in the photo, so there was no one to take a picture with my camera. :)


Who is the hippie kid with the blue hair?
Bruce, I LOVE Evie's blue hair! She has inspired her Auntie Trina! :) We missed you.
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