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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Golf at Lincoln Park 

This is my first attempt at a 18-hole course! Wish me luck. :)


It was a really nice day. The weather was perfect - sunny and warm, but not hot.

The view from the 17th hole was amazing!

I felt pretty good about how I played. I had fairly average game for me, which was pretty good, considering I hadn't played an 18-hole course before, so our game was twice as long, and most of the holes were par 4. Even better: my arms didn't hurt at all after wards! I'm hoping the tendinitis is on its way out!

It was also my first time riding (or driving!) a golf cart, too! fun!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

The day I got a really good "Andy Bounce" 

We play golf regularly with our friend, Andy.

Andy is a very good golfer, but he also manages to get quite lucky. Andy has been known to hit a ball, and have it bounce off the ground, a tree, a pole... whatever, and not only bounce back onto the fairway, but also have it end up closer to the pin than he would have if it hadn't it anything at all.

This is known as "The Andy Bounce".

When a ball has an unfortunate bounce which bounces away from the fairway, or puts you further behind than you would otherwise be, is referred to a "Bad Bounce".

Typically, I'll catch a bad bounce.

But today, on hole 6 of Fleming, I caught a really great Andy Bounce off my tee shot.

I hit the ball with my driver, so it went pretty far, but slightly to the right.
Not only did it bounce off a tree, but it also bounced on the sidewalk, which catapulted my ball further forward, and in the center of the fairway! I was probably only about 20-30 yards from the green. (the pin was roughly 170 yards away)

So, this was a great start. Lucky, but great for me, nonetheless. :)

I chipped the ball onto the green, then had a really nice putt into the hole.
It was the first time that I made par on this hole, so I was pretty excited.

Hurray for the "Andy Bounce"! :)


Saturday, June 27, 2009


I just played my third round of golf within the last month or so - I've just started playing again after my bout with tendinitis in both arms. My arms seem to have recovered pretty well. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to continue to play as long as I'm careful.

Today, I played two rounds of 9-hole golf at Flemming, in Harding Park. Yes, two rounds - we were having such a great time - it's beautiful out today, and my arms were fine, so I'm hoping it wasn't too stupid.

Anyhow, I had two of my best rounds ever at Flemming! Getting more consistent, and (particularly exciting) I've finally learned how to hit my driver!

Well, actually, I took a 1-hour lesson on Thursday - the first of 3. It went really well, I mostly wanted to improve my stroke in general, but also wanted to learn how to hit my driver correctly. I'd guess we spent about 2/3 of the time on my driver, which, so far anyway, paid off today! I hit it well, straight, and reasonably far, which is really the best I can ask for at this point. It was pretty exciting. I'm hoping I can benefit as much from my next two lessons.

The other highlight of the day was when I shot a birdie on hole 4, during our second round. I think my putt was about 6-8 feet. Very exciting.

It was a gorgeous day - sunny, clear, and probably in the mid-70s. It doesn't get much better than that!

Oh, I should mention the other funny part of the day - I tried to teach Dick and Andy how to spin a golf club. :)


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back in the swing of things... 

9th hole at Golden Gate Park

This afternoon, Dick and I headed out to Golden Gate Park to play a round of 9-hole golf. I haven't played since September, when I developed tendinitis (golf arm, apparently) in both of my arms. I've been trying to be very careful since then, and they are much better now then they have been in a while. I still notice them once in a while, but not nearly as bad, or as often.

I managed to make it through the game pretty well, all things considered. I played a pretty average game for me, which I was thrilled with. No pars, but no lost balls either, so I'll take it!

Hopefully, my arms won't hate me in the morning. We'll see how it goes. I was really happy to be out playing again!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dick playing Golf at Lincoln Park 

I'm kind of cheating, because I'm not actually there to take the photo, but Andy just posted this picture of Dick on the 17th hole at Lincoln Park.

What a great photo! The view doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Today is Dick's first attempt at playing an 18-hole course! I hope he enjoyed it!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Fleming: 4th hole. Par 3.

: )!!

I took this photo in hopeful anticipation that I *might* make my putt - which I did! It was about 4-5 feet away from the hole.

...and yes, that is a pink ball that I'm playing with. My friend Melissa turned me on to them a few months ago. They're so much easier for me to see (and find!), and I never have to double check to see if I'm hitting the right ball. Plus, you know, it matches all of my pink and pastel golf clothes - because that's the only kind of colors that they seem to offer for women's golf clothing!


Saturday, May 31, 2008


Oh, yeah.

Mark this day. It's the day got a birdie on the 9th Hole at Fleming.

I had a great tee shot that put me about 4 feet from the tee hole, then tried really hard not to psych myself out.

Consistency is the name of the game, though, and seeing as I got a 10 on the 7th hole, I still have a long way to go. :)

But still: a birdie!
That was a great way to end my game!



Friday, May 02, 2008

Cousins Golf - a new tradition? 

First there was Cousins Dinner - a tradition I have withe my sister and 3 cousins (and an occasional spouse, significant other, or gay boyfriend) where we get together every few months (or at least once a year) for dinner.

Today, was the first of (hopefully) many "Cousins Golf" days. Well, not all of the cousins play golf, and Kenneth was out of town, but since it was my cousin, Bruce, and I who organized it, I'm just going to call it "Cousins Golf"!

Dick and Graham (My sister's boyfriend) joined Bruce and me for a rousing 9-hole game of golf this morning. I personally didn't have a very good game, but that's okay - it was a really, really fun time.

Bruce used to play regularly, but hasn't played in the last 3 years. Graham hasn't played at all this year, so it was a really great way for everyone to get back into it, and to spend some quality time with each other.

I'm hoping we can make this a semi-regular thing!
(and maybe, just maybe we can get Tiffie and Cheri to join us, too!)

PS: I seem to be golfing a lot lately, and I've started to blog about it more. I'm officially starting the "golf" label for my blog, now. I think that means I may be addicted. It's probably a healthier addiction than Vegas. ;)

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The day I made par on a 3 hole!!! 

Mark this day.

I started playing golf about a month ago. Dick has been playing about a year and really wanted me to pick it up. I admit, I hesitated a bit because, you know... It's golf. Nothing against golf at all, it's simply not a sport that I ever saw myself playing. (Because I play so many sports. :)

I went to the driving range twice, using Lora's old clubs that she loaned me. I did okay- better than I thought I would. Dick was so excited that we bought a set of clubs (and cute shoes!) for me.

I tried my new clubs at the driving range about three more times before braving Golden Gate Golf Course last week.

I did fine- not bad in my book for a beginner- I was hitting 6-8 swings on every hole. I'll take that.

Today I went out with Dick, Andy & Aditya. (previously, I'd only
braved playing with Dick). It was my third time out on a course.

I played my regular 6-8/hole (still happy with that!) but today, miraculously, on the third hole, I made par!!!!

That's 3 swings!!!!

I'm reveling in the moment, as i'm not expecting for that to happen again anytime soon! :)

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